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Driving to


“Having a driver's license in Australia is essential for daily life. Studying English and a diploma of justice and managing children’s school and childcare at the same time would be difficult for me, without a driving license and the ability to drive. Although I tried to find some driving courses, I found them very expensive. I am happy that WomenCAN provided the opportunity to learn to drive.”

– Mahtab, Participant, Driving to Employment Program

Driving to Employment is one of WomenCan Australia’s most innovative programs. 

Not only does it provide assistance in obtaining driving lessons and a VicRoads driving licence, but it also offers a route to employment and financial independence.

The program has benefited women from the Mildura, Bendigo and metropolitan Melbourne and is always looking to expand further. 

The initiative supports women to learn to drive, including paying for up to 10 hours of lessons with a professional driving instructor, linking them with Driver Mentor Volunteers where possible, covering VicRoads testing fees, and providing them with the peer support needed to succeed. 

The project is supported by the Department of Transport and Planning through their Flexible Local Transport Solution Program.  

WCA enables this program via their generous philanthropic supporters including the Scanlon Foundation, Westpac Foundation and the Victorian Women’s Trust. 

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