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 WomenCAN Australia

Skills & Jobs & Support for Women 

WomenCAN Australia provides women with free training, guaranteed jobs and a unique program of peer support.


"We’ve just had a brilliant experience with WomenCAN" - Tori, Employer

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Want Training

or a Job?

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Great Staff?

"It’s so exciting, I love my job…

I’m a foreigner here in Australia… but WomenCAN staff are there for me, to guide me all the way."

- Teira, Trainee, Aged Care 

"I think it’s a great project, a win/win for everybody really. 

Whatever we can do to encourage people back into work… and start to get a purpose again… it’s just amazing."

- Matthew, Employer (Regis)


Our difference: 

Peer support 

WomenCAN Australia is immensely proud of its unique peer support initiative,

The Placement Circle, which is based on more than 40 years of research. 

The Placement Circle is women striding the path to financial independence side by side. 

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The Latest

 The Score        

 The Updates  





WomanCAN Australia exists to increase the number of women in training and jobs.  Here's the score so far.

The Next Event

You Can't Ask That - Information Session
You Can't Ask That - Information Session
17 May 2023, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Bendigo Tennis Centre,
21-26 Nolan St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

The Socials

"Being part of The Placement Circle has provided me with a safe space to express my inner thoughts and struggles without judgement, and has helped me to become more mindful of the feelings and points of view of others. The support, encouragement, praise, and advocacy offered by the group has been invaluable." 

Judy - Trainee (Certificate III Individual Support)

Need a 


WomenCAN Australia does even more than provide free training and education and guaranteed jobs. We run own social enterprise of dozens of talented tradeswomen.  

Dozens of tradeswomen, cleaners, and gardeners deliver services by women for women in their homes.

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"I cannot stress enough what WomenCAN have done to help me integrate back into the workforce. They have been completely understanding of my situation and they have given me the support and confidence that I needed to take my first steps (although baby steps) back to work. " - Lisa, Participant, Facilitites Maintenance Service

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