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Horticulture, Cookery, and Hospitality (HCH) Program 

The Horticulture, Cookery, and Hospitality (HCH) Program is a transformative initiative dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities for 15 women only in the Mildura and Mallee Region, Australia under the age of 25.  

  • Only available to 15 women in the Mildura and Wimmera Mallee Region with training and employment opportunities in the horticultural, cookery and hospitality sectors.

  • Assist women in entering Certificate III in Horticulture, Cookery or Hospitality based on your interests.

  • Study and learn a career in an industry with high labour demand.

  • Gain employment for summer and start study in the new year 2024.

  • Meet other women and join our innovative program The Placement Circle (TPC).

  • Work in safe, well-remunerated, and supportive working environments, leading to apprenticeships, direct employment, and a career path with a sustainable future.

  • Raise community awareness of the ongoing need to support women and create employment opportunities in a non-bias, safe environment.

  • Create a significant difference in your future with other women and also contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

  • Financial and Peer Support provided for your journey ***conditions apply.

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If you are interested in learning more about our Program and how we can connect you to an employer, complete the registration form below.


Start your career now and face 2024 with direction!

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Limited positions available. 

*** Eligibility Conditions Apply

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