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Our Guiding Principles

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  • Connection and Engagement: In meetings, we encourage attendees to turn on their cameras to foster a sense of connection among all attendees.

  • Focused Meetings: We ensure meetings follow a documented agenda to stay on track and accomplish their objectives.

  • Meeting Minutes: After every meeting, minutes/notes will be issued, identifying action items and next steps.

  • Timekeeper Role: For internal meetings, a designated 'meeting effectiveness' person will keep track of time against each agenda item.


  • Personal Responsibility: We take responsibility for our physical health and wellbeing.

  • Mental and Physical Health: It is acceptable to take time away from work when unwell, either mentally or physically.

  • Open Communication: We actively discuss health and wellbeing and support each other during difficult times.



  • Transparent Working Hours: We communicate and understand working hours within our team.

  • Flexibility: Some team members choose non-core hours for tasks like responding to emails or calls. We respect this and note there is no obligation to respond outside working hours.

  • Working Location Flexibility: We acknowledge that not everyone needs to work in the office, and we respect individual circumstances and preferences, noting we attend the office a minimum of 2 days per week.

  • Attendance Priority: We encourage everyone to attend the Wednesday team lunch and then the all-staff meeting.

  • Consideration of Others: We share an open workspace with each other and with other organisations. We understand the need to show respect, thoughtfulness and courtesy by keeping our voices down, not needlessly distracting others and seeking to have conversations in one of the designated places.

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  • Respectful and Inclusive: We value and respect each team member's opinions and ensure inclusivity in all discussions.

  • Trust and Commitment: Trust is fundamental, and we commit to being purposeful in our actions, avoiding overcommitment.

  • Celebrating Success: We celebrate wins and approach challenges with respectful conversations.

  • Safe Conversations: We create a safe space for open, authentic, courageous and respectful conversations.

  • After-Hours Communication: We do not expect responses to texts or emails after hours or on weekends and urgent matters are directed to the incident response team.

  • Integrity: We show integrity in everything we do.

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