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Our Mission


"This experience so far has boosted my confidence and much more, it brings tears to my eyes, no one has ever given me this sort of opportunity before in my life! 

I’m so thankful."

- Pammela, Aged Care Trainee

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WomenCAN Australia's mission is to make the world a little better and fairer by providing women financial independence through free training and job placements. 

We walk alongside them, step-by-step, with our unique, evidence-based peer-support program, The Placement Circle. 

Everyone involved benefits; there can be no prosperous high streets without healthy backstreets. 

Disadvantaged women get quality work and financial freedom. 

Employers get dedicated, reliable, skilled staff. 

Women needing trades work done get quality, affordable trades work done through our social enterprise. 

The economy and communities get stronger.  

WCA's connection to communities means we see what’s happening early, and so are well-placed to help Australia’s women help fix Australia’s skills shortage. 

Sometimes massive, systemic change delivers justice. 

But most of the time, it’s grassroots, incremental change that makes the world just a little bit better and fairer. Case by case, woman by woman.  

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