Our partners

To achieve our mission we collaborate with valued partners: Helen McPherson Smith Trust, Chisholm Institute, Victoria University, Victoria University Polytechnic, Rotary Club of Melbourne, Australian Communities Foundation, Groomed to Go, The Water Well Project and Flat Out.


WomenCAN Australia is connected to the social enterprise, WomenCAN Facilities Services Pty Ltd, which provides qualified tradeswomen to customers who want carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other skilled work in their institution, home or business done by women. Increasingly over time the facilities maintenance enterprise will:

  • partly fund WomenCAN Australia, to make the charity less reliant on government and donor support, and

  • provide jobs for some of the women who complete Trades training through The Placement Circle.


WomenCAN Facilities Services Pty Ltd is fully operational. To find out more visit the WomenCAN Facilities Services Pty Ltd website.

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Our contributors

With utmost gratitude, we recognise the individuals and businesses who have volunteered their time and resources to make these organisations happen.

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