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Donating: enlightened self-interest

Donating to a charity is a noble act that not only helps those in need but also benefits the donor.

In Australia, donating to a registered charity can provide significant tax benefits.

Here are some benefits and tips for donating to a worthwhile charity at tax time in Australia.

Reduce your tax

One of the most significant benefits of donating to a registered charity is that it is tax-deductible.

Donations made to charities that have been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as deductible gift recipients (DGRs) can be claimed as a tax deduction. This means that the donor can reduce their taxable income by the amount donated, which can result in a lower tax bill.

Feel good by supporting local

Knowing that your donation has helped someone in need can be a rewarding experience.

Charities rely on donations to fund their programs and support those in need. By donating, you are helping to make a positive impact on the community and creating a sense of purpose which may reduce stress and contribute to your overall well-being.

Encourage others

Donating to a charity can also encourage others to do the same.

By setting an example, you can often inspire others to donate to a good cause and make a difference in their community.

Tips to donating, even during uncertain economic times

Research the charity: Before making a donation, research the charity to ensure that it is reputable and that your donation will be used effectively. Look for charities that have a proven track record of making a positive impact and that are transparent about their finances and operations.

Donate to local charities: Consider donating to local charities that are working to support your community. By supporting local charities, you can help to make a positive impact in your own backyard.

Consider a smaller donation: If you are uncertain about your financial situation, consider making a smaller donation. Every little bit helps, and even a small donation can make a difference.

Remember, making a monetary donation during uncertain economic times is a personal decision. It's important to prioritise your own financial well-being and to give what you can, when you can.

About WomenCAN Australia

WomenCAN Australia is a member-based charity dedicated to linking communities of women to vocational training and on to employment.

​Our magic sauce is our peer support model. Called The Placement Circle, our model provides the scaffold for women to rebuild their confidence, connections and work capacity.

WomenCAN Australia has tax-deductible charitable status and are registered with the Australian Charities Not-for-profit Commission, the Australian Taxation Office and Social Traders.

How your donation will help women

A donation to WomenCAN Australia will make a meaningful difference to women on their journey to reconnect with the workforce and gain financial independence.

A donation of $25-50 can provide a trainee with a team uniform or a Myki card to assist with travel to training or work.

A donation of $250 could provide safety gear for one of our Facilities Maintenance team members.

Donating to a worthwhile charity at tax time in Australia can provide significant benefits. It not only helps those in need but can also provide tax deductions, a sense of joy (even in uncertain times), and encourages others to do the same.

Next time you are thinking of treating yourself, remember the positive benefits to your wellbeing that you enjoy when you give to others. Perhaps establish an annual giving ritual at tax time that supports local charities that you are passionate about.

Help us support other women to rebuild their confidence, connections and work capacity.


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