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The Vision


"This experience so far has boosted my confidence and much more, it brings tears to my eyes, no one has ever given me this sort of opportunity before in my life! 

I’m so thankful."

- Pammela, Aged Care Trainee

WomenCAN Australia is immensely proud of its unique peer support initiative, The Placement Circle, which is based on more than 40 years of research. 

The Placement Circle is women striding the path to financial independence side by side. 

Women meet twice each month – a study group session and a peer support discussion. 

The program, a defining feature of our work, differentiates WomenCAN Australia.  

The research shows women need three things to get back into the workforce: 

  • To reskill for free through registered training organisations close to home and aligned to the local job market. 

  • Jobs that are safe and properly paid. 

  • To support and be supported by women in their community with shared lived experience.  


Through The Placement Circle, WomenCAN Australia delivers at each of these three levels.  


Courses in Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing and Aged Care are running at campuses across greater Victoria. 

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