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Welcome to our page of frequently asked questions!  These have been asked by employers, employees and participants.

What areas do you work in?

Currently we have programs running in Melbourne, Shepparton, Bendigo, Mildura

We’d love to have you join on of our programs! The next step is to register your interest, which you can do on the specific program page, or you can fill out this contact form and one of our friendly team will reach out to you!

We are always excited to welcome new volunteers into our organisation, and have a range of opportunities that we can match with your skillset and interests. Get in contact with us here, and we will continue this chat with you!

At The Placement Circle, we connect communities of peer-supported women with vocational training and onward to employment, or directly to employment for those who prefer not to undergo training.

We are the only charity that blends these four elements as we help you become employment ready and capable.

We do not include men in the program – this is a program only offered to people who identify as women.

Having the support of your peers, women just like you who are finding their way back into paid employment, means you belong.  Together, we will help you rebuild your confidence and make new friends. We create a sense of connection and belonging.

At The Placement Circle we will also help you throughout your course and after you finish it. We will help you find your way onto employment by supporting you with our comprehensive Peer Support Program.

All current brochures and course information can be found on the course page. Complete a registration form to receive more information about each respective course.

Free TAFE for priority courses gives more Victorians the chance to study at TAFE.

More than ever, the skills we need to build our state are learned at TAFE.

Free TAFE for priority courses reduces financial barriers for students. Students can train in courses that lead to jobs in demand from Victorian employers.

For more Information about Free TAFE courses and eligibility, got to: https://www.vic.gov.au/free-tafe

For more Information about Free TAFE courses and TAFE eligibility, got to: www.vic.gov.au/free-tafe

Applicants must be Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, or hold a Permanent Residency visa to be eligible to apply. However, we have successfully placed many women who are not citizens or Permanent Residents into ancillary positions.

All courses and assessments are conducted in English. TAFE providers offer support for students from ESL backgrounds, and our dedicated Peer Support team is available to assist you. Please note that proficiency in English is essential for successful completion of our courses. However, if you’re specifically interested in ancillary positions, we can provide information about upcoming programs tailored to those roles.

The assessment will include a range of methods to help cater for different learning needs. This may include examinations, teamwork and class participation, written assignments and presentations.

You may be eligible for subsidised childcare while you study, and there are many local childcare options available.

Check with Centrelink (www.centrelink.gov.au) or contact your local council.

Placements typically involve full-time shifts over several weeks, and the specific scheduling is based on the organisation’s staffing requirements and supervisor availability. If you have questions about your placement hours or a specific request regarding scheduling, please reach out to your placement coordinator for assistance.

It’s important to note that placement shifts do not apply to traineeships, as trainees work according to a set roster for the entire 12-month duration.

Typically, students are not assigned night shifts during their placement due to supervisor availability. However, please note that placement shifts do not apply to traineeships.

Cant find the answer to your question?

Early Years Training Program has launched in Shepparton

Women from diverse communities can now benefit from WomenCAN Australia’s proven peer-led support program and be paid to train on-the-job in childcare or kindergarten.