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Our Story


Our Beginning

WomenCAN Australia was established in 2019 to help women get skills and jobs, often having been out of the paid workforce for years providing care to others.

Our peer-led model encourages women to assist each other to rebuild their confidence, connections and work currency.    By re-entering the workforce with a current qualification, women can build the financial independence they need to make life decisions for themselves and their families

WomenCAN Australia team

Our Mission

WomenCAN Australia’s mission is to make the world a little better and fairer by assisting women to access free vocational training and job placements. Our women then have the financial independence to make their life decisions.

Our Guiding Principles

We work by these key guiding principles:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Working Environment
  • Team Behaviour
WomenCAN Australia team
Mikaela Stafrace, WomenCAN Australia CEO

Why We Do
What We Do

Skills and employment are a path to independence, to a chance at lasting fairness. Some people face greater barriers to the jobs market.

So much public debate seems dominated by conflict, but no matter your politics most of it not all people share a belief in decency and opportunity. What matters most is what we do to make the things a little better and fairer.

Here’s a story about fairness and equity.

Early Years Training Program has launched in Shepparton

Women from diverse communities can now benefit from WomenCAN Australia’s proven peer-led support program and be paid to train on-the-job in childcare or kindergarten.