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Peer Support

The Vision

WomenCAN Australia is immensely proud of its unique peer-led support initiative, The Placement Circle, which is based on more than 40 years of research.

In bringing women with a shared lived experience together, we assist them to rebuild their confidence, connections and work capability.

The Placement Circle provides a scaffold for women to stride the path toward financial independence, side by side – together.

The Placement Circle
WomenCAN Australia aged care graduates

why peer-led support works

Without the right support, students and trainees often have difficulties remaining engaged in education and training.

Our peer-led support program, “The Placement Circle” tackles this issue by providing a safe space for women to give and receive support based on shared experiences.

The peer support framework provides participants with:

  • A safe environment to learn
  • Strong support and encouragement
  • Improved attendance and completion rates
  • A greater sense of self-efficacy
  • Opportunities for social connection and friendship

What Women need to successfully re-enter the workforce

Our peer-support program is based on more than 40 years of research by academics and advocates.

It shows that women need three things to re-enter the workforce:

  • Free training through registered, nearby organisations that is aligned with the local employment market.
  • Safe and properly paid jobs.
  • To be supported by women in their community with shared lived experience.
Childcare trainees.
WomenCAN Australia Aged Care participants

What Women Recieve Who Participate in the Placement Circle

Women participating in The Placement Circle program facilitated by WomenCAN Australia receive:

  • An Initial Needs Assessment to identify aims, potential barriers and consider the overall supports and resources required
  • Online Meetings for support and discussion
  • Workplace Meetings to develop and cultivate solid relationships
  • Diaries for recording goals, progress and reflections
  • Study Groups for peer-led support and motivation
  • Leadership Skills and mentoring


The Evidence

WomenCAN Australia & Peer Support

Evidence + Research + Care = Success

WomenCAN Australia’s peer-support program, The Placement Circle (TPC), is based on more than 40 years of research.

The research which has emerged from the deinstitutionalisation of the mental-health sector, driven by the global human rights movement.

Early Years Training Program has launched in Shepparton

Women from diverse communities can now benefit from WomenCAN Australia’s proven peer-led support program and be paid to train on-the-job in childcare or kindergarten.