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So, here’s some good news: meet Nicole

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Nicole stumbled upon WomenCAN Australia on Facebook. It changed her life.
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Nicole stumbled upon WomenCAN Australia on Facebook. It changed her life.

She’s just graduated with her Certificate III Individual Support (Aged Care) and is working at Royal Freemasons in Bendigo.

She hadn’t studied since leaving school and was working as a domestic cleaner.

Nicole credits WomenCAN’s peer-support program, The Placement Circle, as the critical element that helped her through what can be a challenging time of working as well as studying online.

“Just to know you’ve got someone there to back you up and support you – it’s been really, really fantastic. Having the meetings we have has been really good. It’s just having that support to help guide you as you do your certificate. It’s women supporting women, and I think that’s the difference. You understand each other more.’’

And according to The Placement Circle’s marvellous manager, Trish Bourke, Nicole fundamentally understands the essence of the program is mutual support – it means giving as well as receiving.

Trish says this of Nicole: “She was incredibly motivated throughout the traineeships and formed great relationships with residents and staff. She has stayed at Royal Freemasons. She has a fabulous smile. She just builds strong connections. She has great people skills.’’

Nicole is finding fulfilment using those skills. “I love my job, and part of the reason also is the staff I work with and who really support me… I enjoy working with the residents and getting to know them, because you’re working with them on a daily basis. I like to care for people. Whenever I look after people I always think if this was my mum or dad, how would I want them to be looked after. And also working with other staff, other people who are also caring – the teamwork.’’

Nicole’s advice? “If I can do it, anyone can do it. It can be really hard working fulltime and studying online. You have to be quite self-disciplined. I wasn’t going to quit. I was always going to do it. WomenCAN helps you through difficult times… If you come across WomenCAN and you see an opportunity there, take it.’’

Here’s a few words from Nicole. You’ll see what Trish means.


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