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Young Mildura & Wimmera Mallee women, is this your future?

WomenCAN Australia - Cookery program
Horticulture, Cookery, and Hospitality training and employment opportunities for women.

We’ve created a transformative initiative, the Horticulture, Cookery, and Hospitality (HCH) Program to provide training and employment opportunities for 15 women only in the region, aged between 17 and 24.

This is a stupendous opportunity to gain free training (Certificate III in Horticulture, Cookery or Hospitality based on your interests) and then fascinating employment in these robust, crucial sectors.

You’ll be accompanied every step of the way on your journey to financial independence, professional satisfaction, and personal growth by other women. Our peer support arm, The Placement Circle, is fundamentally important. to the success of the women in our programs.

You’ll work in safe, well-paid, and supportive working environments, leading to apprenticeships, direct employment, and a sustainable career.

If you are interested is grabbing this opportunity to shape your future and hit 2024 in full flight, please apply here:

WomenCAN Australia - Cookery program
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