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Beth, happy and proud of her career change into aged care

Beth - Aged Care
“Don’t be scared, just do it.

If it’s what you want, do it.  Two feet in.”

Beth is now a qualified Personal Care Worker with Uniting AgeWell after completing a traineeship with WomenCan Australia’s support.

Previously working in warehousing, Beth decided to change careers and do something she actually cared about. 

“Going from warehousing to aged care, was like chalk and cheese.  Learning how to do aged care, walking in greener than grass, I think we were, it was hard.  

But to know that it was something that I actually cared about doing gave me the motivation to sort of stick with it, because I knew that what I was doing mattered, and it was something that I actually wanted to do.”

“I think I was always meant to work in aged care.  I’ve always been a caring compassionate person.”

Beth undertook her traineeship by learning on the job and completing her aged care training modules online with the support from WomenCAN Australia’s peer-led support program ‘The Placement Circle’.

“I made it, so I’m happy, that’s another thing to tick off that I’ve done, that I’ve achieved, and I’m happy about that and proud of it.”

WomenCAN Australia trainees receive support from our peer support team, other women who are completing their traineeship at the same time, the host employer and the training provider.

“It’s good to have finished, it’s good to have made it the whole way through.  There were sometimes there where it was challenging, it was tough.  But between WomenCAN Australia, AI Group and all the girls that I was doing my traineeship with, I think that without all of that support, it would have been very, very hard to have gotten through it.”

WomenCAN Australia would like to thank host employer Uniting AgeWell, training provider Global Business College of Australia and group training organisation Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centrefor for supporting Beth through her traineeship.

Well done, Beth!

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